Advantages and disadvantages

Fun factor: The short and intense workout is a fun challenge for athletes who like to seek competition and who love to conquer their weaker selves.

Fat Loss: Especially with beginners, the optimal fat-burning heart rate is often exceeded. Nevertheless, this leveled off over the course of the training.

Cardiovascular system: The cardiovascular system is stressed. However, the performance peaks exceed the optimal endurance range in some phases of the training.

Persistence: The intensive workouts require good basic endurance. But beginners also quickly gain stamina.

Training tip: As with many other sports, the rule in Crossfit is to first perfect the technique before increasing the training intensity. Correct execution is particularly important in Crossfit, as practically always training at the performance limit.

Coordination: Many exercises require complex movement sequences that have to be trained intensively.

Force: The varied exercises strain muscle groups all over the body. Depending on the choice of exercises, the focus can be more on strength or endurance.

Contraindication: Not for kids! The great strength of CrossFit is nothing for them. For you, agility, dexterity, and coordination skills should be in the foreground. For older athletes, it depends on the individual performance whether Crossfit can be exercised.

Equipment: Many exercises can only be done with your own body weight.

For a varied workout, however, it is a good idea to become a member of a Crossfit studio, where ropes, medicine balls, or tires can be used.

Risk of injury: Tendon irritation and joint inflammation can occur. In addition, the immune system is weakened. Strong muscle soreness is not uncommon for beginners.

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